walking kailash

A project created by Katarina Weslien

"Walking Kailash" is an invitational project by Katarina Weslien that was walked by 19 artists in different locations between 2016-2018, including Athens, Varanasi, Chicago, Santa Fe, New York City and Rome.

The work developed in response to a conversation and studio visit between Weslien and Julie Poitras Santos in August 2016. You can read about that dialogue, in Collecting Water, published in The Chart arts journal.

 ARTISTS: Alina Gallo, Alison Hildreth, Angela Ellsworth, Ann Hamilton, Barbara Lounder, Daniel McCusker, David Ross & Rebecca Duclos, Ernesto Pujol, Gerhardt Knodel, Gordon Sasaki, Jane Lackey, Joan Livingstone, Julie Poitras Santos, Katherine Trimble, Marina Miliou Theocharaki, Maysey Craddock, Nandita Raman, Shoshannah White, Tamar Elo

Images above are from Platform Projects/Walks, Walking Kailash around the Back Cove, Portland, Maine. December 3, 2016 (credits: Rachel Katz, Adriane Herman, Julie Poitras Santos)