Platform Projects/Walks invites you on a winter walk in the woods and storytelling adventure to trade tales about winter travel. Saturday, February 10: 2 pm. Evergreen Cemetery, meet inside the entrance. Portland, ME


Stories about winter travel hold a certain qualitative flavor: the silence of snow in the woods, the world asleep beneath your feet, the caw of a crow, the fast approach of night. Ice builds on the street and your car begins to spin. The deep crack of a shifting lake, or the thunder of an avalanche in the next valley over, expand your sense of the space around you. The world seems to slow down perceptibly and the prevalence of darkness drives us to engage more meaningfully with night. What stories do you have of winter travel?

Italo Calvino's book, If on a Winter's Night A Traveler, is structured as a frame story, each narration diving deeper into mystery, picking up threads and moving them forward. Let's dive deep into the winter woods and see what we find.